These are serious times. There is tremendous competition for the hearts and minds of families. The most important battle being fought today in America is for the souls of its men, women and children.


More than 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. 

Over half of teenage pregnancies come from broken homes.

Violent teen behavior threatens schools.

Our purpose is to glorify God and make Christ known and we firmly believe that bringing God’s timeless principles into marriage and family relationships is essential.

In the face of these intense cultural pressures, there is good news. As more and more people experience failure and despair in their relationships, their hearts are turning to the God who can give them hope.

At FamilyLife we exist so that God can work in and through us to help people understand, experience and proclaim God’s truth for marriage and family.

God’s plan for your family is expressed by FamilyLife through four core biblical messages.


Core Message

Your Personal Walk with God: 

challenging you to daily experience God’s presence and power.

Your Marriage Covenant:

encouraging you to keep your lifelong commitment to your spouse and experience the marriage relationship God intended.

3 Your Role in the Family:

helping you embrace your unique responsibilities and live according to biblical principles.

Your Spiritual Legacy:

equipping you to leave a legacy of godliness to the next generation.